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The Naked Cowboy Workout Method

As the Naked Cowboy, I'm working in front of humanity daily in underwear, my appearance is a vital part of my act. The fact that I have a monopoly (the only serious entertainer in underwear), and that I'm a trade marked original could not possibly serve as an excuse for me to have an average physique. It has been my intention from the start to create a product that could not be duplicated, not only legally, but physically or mentally. I have trained now with both serious aerobic activity and free-weights for nearly twelve years, and for the past ten of those, I have used the core training elements outlined by John Parrillo at Parrillo Performance. These elements, as I have come to understand them are

1.) A constant and relentless dedication to building cardiovascular density, or put in simpler terms, to do some sort of serious aerobic activity daily. My favorite form of aerobic activity is simply running. On nearly every morning and night of the week you can expect that I am outside tracking the streets of whatever town I happen to be in.

2.) Fascial stretching (extreme stretching between sets while the muscle is pumped which for me is to try and literally come as close as possible to ripping my muscles out of their sockets daily. This I do because I want to be as mobile and injury free and striated as is humanly possible even beyond, perhaps what would make sense to a "normal" bodybuilder. I consider myself a Parrillo Bodybuilder, which as legend will have it, is a much more than serious bodybuilder.

3.) Musculoskeletal training, or bodybuilding, maybe just better called free weights. I make it a point to try and symmetrically sculpt my physique with heavy weights daily. Strength and size are of great importance though I will go for weeks of doing the exact same body parts everyday, doing hundreds of reps per part just to build character without regard for whether or not it makes any sense in a "muscle building" routine. I think it is probably reasonable to say that most would agree that muscles need a specified period of time in which to recover after intense workouts, however, my experience has demonstrated that sometimes what is commonly known to be effective, isn’t always.

4.) I, like Parrillo, believe that proper nutrition, is the cornerstone for effective results. I have a staple plan which consists of eating solely white fish, egg whites, Chicken breast, turkey breast and whey protein sources mixed with both starchy and fibrous vegetables. I drink coffee by the quart and water only. This is what I have been able to maintain long term and get fabulous results with for shedding body fat, staying fabulously lean and building or maintaining muscle without any difficulty. I also though, and rather consistently now that I have created the physique I want, go on completely odd ball routines just to challenge my body and mind and to create completely different results that even I have never heard of before. An example of this would be the diet I'm on now which consists of raw nuts and organic milk only. I've been on it for seven days with fabulous results. I went on a tour of the United States in which I ate soy nuts, only, only, only for forty days straight with water and coffee. Why, just for the hell of it. I wanted to see what would happen. I've eaten solely vegetarian, and I've eaten solely fruit for seven weeks at a time. I'm just weird that way. I always however, begin to experience results that are inconsistent with building muscle and stripping fat, long term when I'm not using the Parrillo Method of lean protein, with starchy and fibrous carbohydrates. Again I built my physique with that plan, now I chop up that physique and deviate from it consciously just to build mental strength and to learn about my body and how it is affected by anything new and different I can think of.

5.) Proper supplementation is another very important key to creating fabulous results for your physique and performance. I use Parrillo products exclusively or I don’t use them at all. I cannot testify to the product quality of any other brand or company and therefore will not try and degrade or discredit them, but I do know John Parrillo and I know personally how enthusiastic and determined he is to providing the best possible products geared towards the best possible results. Like John, I recommend securing a base of solid nutrition, as listed above, then adding supplementation to gain even a more competitive edge. As a base of supplementation I use John Parrillo’s Essential Vitamin Formula and his Mineral Electrolyte Formula. I chow the heck out of his Strawberry and Chocolate Whey protein powders with my oatmeal and I am famous for living on his Parrillo Bars of which I even wrote and recorded a song (Parrillo Bar) which you can hear at If you’re going to take your physique to the highest level, proper supplementation is a must, and the best is Parrillo Performance.