Joe Gibson Foundation
Established 2007

What is it?  The Joe Gibson Foundation is a non-profit organization.  It is an out-reach program designed to assist the homeless population of New York City.  It is an organization designed to provide immediate service in the form of material assistance directly to homeless people on the streets.

How it began?  Who hasn't seen a homeless man or woman on the streets at some point in their life and wanted to help?  Everyone has or will.  Naked Cowboy has worked the streets of major cities for over 10 years, New York City in particular.  Countless homeless people approach Naked Cowboy daily and leave with a couple of dollars for their efforts.  Joe Gibson has been a daily recipient, but more importantly, a friend with whom Naked Cowboy had dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of his life, beyond a few dollars each day.  Not going to be one to say, 'one day when I'm rich and famous,' Naked Cowboy created the Joe Gibson Foundation to take care of Joe Gibson.  It is intended to then help one of Joe's friends, then one of his, etc.  One man at a time until greater organization becomes more optimal, if in fact it does.

How it works?  You can contribute money through Paypal at via the product page.  Your money is distributed to the Naked Cowboy's business account, wherein it is gathered and givin' directly to Joe Gibson in the form of immediate requests for such things as food, clothing, temporary shelter, hell, basic necessities until more established and formidable arrangements can be made.  Naked Cowboy will provide reciepts and full disclosure of where every penny went and how it has contributed to the personal happiness of Joe Gibson.  You will make a difference and receive a tax write off.

The Master Mind?  How do you take a homeless man named Joe Gibson, aproximately age 52, no indentification, orphaned at birth, whose been conditioned by life on the streets for over 40 years and make his life a joy, a home-owner, a happy, centered man?  I don't really know.....yet.  A buddy of mine, Mark Ante Sr., a brother in arms for over a decade and I are working on it right here and now.  Mark was once homeless himself as well, the 'logo' for the Joe Gibson Foundation is a drawing based on the mini-trailor he lived in for an extended period of time in Antioch, Calilfornia.  He, like I, in our joint master-mind-alliance in the study of success literature and wealth building have joined forces to create a model for solving the above depicted scenario.  Input and suggestions are welcome at 


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